Antonia Lee

antoniaAntonia Lee has been a member of United Dance Productions since she was 4 years old. At UDP she studied Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Modern. Antonia then became a member of UDP’s Jr Company. One of the requirements of a Junior Company member is to assist in other classes. This was something that Antonia loved and was ultimately what made her decided she wanted to work with children. So in her last year of high school and last year at United Dance Productions Antonia became a student teacher for Intro to Dance. She then went to University and every summer Ms. Harvey would call her to come help out at the studio to get ready for recital. After 5 years, Antonia has returned home having completed a BA in Psychology and Diploma in Behavioral Science, to teach Intro to Dance and Junior Intro to Dance. She loves that she can work with “her babies” every week and see them grow as little dancers.


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